The Commissioner’s Office cannot give legal advice. The following are frequently asked questions that are procedural:

[+] I just purchased property at the commissioner sale. What do I need to do now?

[+] When do I get access to the property?

[+] How do I get keys to the property?

[+] What happens after all liens have been satisfied and money is left over?

[+] Someone is still living in the home. What should I do?

[+] What if the Commissioner’s Sale brings less than two-thirds (2/3rds) of the appraisal?

[+] What is a right of redemption?

[+] Whose name is on the Commissioner’s deed?

[+] How do I make payments to the Commissioner’s Office for my bid price?

[+] Where are the sales conducted?

[+] Can I inspect the property before the Commissioner’s Sale?

[+] Is the property insured?

[+] Where can I get a list of foreclosure actions filed in Jefferson County or placed on a mailing list?

[+] When do I get the deed to the property?

[+] What if the title search shows liens which were not named in the litigation?

[+] What happens if I fail to pay the full balance of my bid price?

[+] Can I get my deposit back if I do not like the property or if I cannot get financing?

[+] Is a bond necessary from the purchaser?